Grey – Single (2019)


3 is the third release by violinist XANI. XANI prepared absolutely nothing before heading into the studio with her loop station, violin, amps and effects pedals. She spent one full day improvising her own music and doing it completely free and in her own way.

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Over a gruelling period of two months steeped in the stifling Melbourne summer, violinist and singer Xani Kolac (that’s me) made more music for a new EP. A serial music-maker and prolific Melbourne music scene participant, the violinist was seen recording sounds and words in the most unconventional of ways: by herself.

Not one to usually mess about recording equipment and gear, Kolac was spotted mucking around with a laptop and Ableton Live – software used by some of the world’s best young beat makers. Rather than crafting nifty beats or drop-the-bass build-ups, it is true that Xani spent days and nights tapping and hitting the violin in certain sweet spots producing sounds solely with said violin. Over the top of these stringy pop sounds Xani crooned and yelped in her own…


Can it be a protest song if I wrote it sitting on my freedom couch,

Can I march for climate change if I duck into that cafe and get a latte first?

Am I with the left or with the right

Can I be an ally if I’m white

Could I disagree with a feminist?

It can’t be this or that

‘Cause it’s all grey

Can I call Australia my home if I was born here but on stolen land,

Am I an activist if I get home at night and put cats on social media?

Am I in the wrong or in the right

Am I part of conversations or just fights

Could I agree with an idiot?

Nothing’s set in stone

Yeah it’s all grey

Can I say I’m anti-capitalist even though I’m in the market for a new TV,

Can I say that history is written on the streets and not in books even though I’ve got a masters degree?

Am I part of this or part of that

Am I ‘bout the feeling or the facts

Could I disagree with an atheist?

It’s written in the wind

Yeah it’s all grey



released April 16, 2019

Written and performed by Xani Kolac.

Produced and recorded by Xani Kolac.

Mixed by Isaac Barter.

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