An Inaccurate History of Electronic Dance Music

Imagine a future without dance. Without dance music. Now forget about it and come with me.

It’s rare to find an artist so astute in their craft and in step with a genre they can reimagine it convincingly. Xani achieves this in her latest release with electronic dance music. So inaccurately, yet so eloquently it may have actually happened just like that.

When pandemic restrictions limited our movements and human connection, artist, songwriter, and violin player Xani explored what it might be like to never dance again. Bleak, isn’t it? Dance has the power to transcend limitations, to take a person beyond the moment through the power of a beat, a rhythm, a movement of ideas. The thought of losing dance inspired Xani to create a world within her own reach where dance lived on and metamorphosised into something bigger than the present.

A huge fan of dance music and the iconic philosophical spirit of the dance floor, Xani dove deeper into the nuances of the culture, exploring the roots of electronic dance music (EDM). Where it’s taken her personally and how it’s driven cultures and subcultures throughout its short history.

On a quest to depict the in-actual history of her beloved dance music in her very own way, Xani engaged a visual artists’ approach to exhibiting a concept. Her platform for exhibiting? Sound. Her vehicle? Whatever and whomever got her back to that place. Connected on gritty dance floors again, transcending the moment. Under lasers, through smoke, in the subtle command of the music.

An Inaccurate History of Electronic Music is Xani’s version of that place. A story transcribed through violin, vocals, loops, frantic, primal energy and raw and organic collabs.

With this new concept album and live show, Xani has created her own fictitious universe of dance. A place she escaped to over the solitary months of lockdowns, when dancing with, or performing to humans wasn’t an option. At the heart of it, An Inaccurate History of Electronic Music is an acutely personal interpretation of electronic dance music’s evolution through the ages. And the soul of it is good music to dance to. A party album where chapter, by chapter the (inaccurate) history of dance music is tracked by Xani – a veritable musical alchemist and total fangirl – and friends.

As well as playing violin, singing, producing, and writing, Xani dipped into her family of local musicians and dance music allies to explore, create, and dance around a fictitious and totally immersive world within the concept. This highly genre-lised, ‘not-a-concept-album’ performance is a sequential collection of dance music genres of the past through to the imagined genres and sub-genres of the future with Xani at the helm.

With An Inaccurate History of Electronic Music Xani has created a new world to indulge in a luxury we never before realised was so invaluable.

“…a fictional world of EDM genres according to me. Where violin is at the centre of it all! Is that even allowed?”

“An Inaccurate History of Electronic Dance Music”, the concept album, is out March 30 2023.

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