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An Inaccurate History of Electronic Dance Music


Melbourne Amplified Strings

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from the bottom of the well


Celebrating women instrumentalists in music


MAS_ (Melbourne Amplified Strings) is all about innovating in the contemporary string world. Beginning with amplified instruments, MAS_ explores electronic effects, live looping technology and the possibilities of amplified string sounds.

MAS_ was co-founded and is run by Xani Kolac (violin) and Anita Quayle (cello). Through collaborations with vocalists, instrumentalists and other stringed instrumentalists, MAS_ presents four unique concerts per year.


SPIRE stands for Sounds and Performance Inspiring Recognition and Equality. Artistic Director and Founder Xani Kolac formed SPIRE to create a collective of female instrumentalists available for hire on stages around Australia.

To date, SPIRE have performed as part of Arts Centre Melbourne and Renegade’s “Stand By Your Woman” featuring the likes of Kate Ceberano, Kate Miller-Heidke, Tex Perkins, Harry Angus, Mojo Juju, Shauntai Batzke and others as well as at St Kilda’s Live N Local Festival, Chapel Off Chapel Summer Sessions with Thando and at the Melbourne Women’s International Jazz Festival.